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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of the most popular qyuestions about wedding insurance and your big day. If you don't find an answer to any questions you might have below then please do contact us, our experienced advisors are on-hand to support you.

General Questions

Wedding insurance is designed to offer you financial protection in the event things could go wrong either before or during your special day. Our Wedding Insurance covers:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Wedding Rings, Flowers and Cake
  • Financial Failure of Suppliers
  • Personal Liability
  • Ceremonial and Wedding Attire
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Wedding Cars and Transport
  • Photography and Video
  • Optional extras include: Public Liability, Marquee Cover and Excess Waiver all of which can be added for an additional premium.
The premium depends on the level of cover opted for, as well as the total cost of the wedding. Our Wedding Insurance offers 8 levels of cover and our plans aim to cater for weddings of different sizes and cancellation cover up to £80,000.

Every policy sold by different brands in the wedding insurance market differs in some way. We’d always urge you to read all of the information provided to ensure you completely understand what is and is not covered.

There are three ways in which our product differs from the others in the market which we want to highlight.

  1. This product does not cover rearrangement costs. You will be compensated for the wedding that has been cancelled, but not for future costs for the rearranged wedding. The benefit of this is it leaves you free to rearrange your wedding exactly how you’d like to.
  2. This product does not cover cancellation caused by redundancy or losing your job.
  3. We only cover the financial failure of wedding services suppliers under section 2 of the policy which are Limited companies or Limited Liability Partnerships. This is because some sole traders or very small businesses can cease trading, keep your money and disappear. Occasionally businesses like this cease trading for reasons that are not caused by financial failure but it is impossible to find out what has happened. As a result, we urge all of our customers to use the additional protection of their credit or debit cards whenever paying suppliers and not to pay cash. If such a supplier has ceased to trade and it is established with reasonable evidence that it has financially failed, the most we will pay is £500 in line with our policy wording.

You should buy this insurance as soon as you have a date and venue arranged and have committed to paying, or have paid, for wedding services. This will ensure that your deposits are covered immediately.

This policy covers one wedding (or similar) ceremony and one celebratory event only. It is not possible to insure multiple wedding ceremonies or celebrations across multiple policies, or to extend a single policy to cover more than one wedding and one celebration. On the occasion a policy has already been purchased with the intention to insure multiple wedding ceremonies or celebrations, you must contact us. As a result of this you will be asked to decide which events you want to insure under the one policy. All other policies will be cancelled and your premium refunded.

The policy has specific exclusions relating to Covid-19. Please see the General Exclusions section of our policy wording for full details on this.

Yes, if you are unavoidably forced to cancel the wedding due to adverse weather which results in at least half of the guests being unable to get to the wedding. This is fully defined within our policy wording.

Yes, this policy covers all types of weddings, celebrations, renewals of vows, non-legally binding/commitment ceremonies, civil partnerships and blessings.

Unfortunately not, the premium must be paid in full.

Yes, anyone can purchase wedding cover, however, the policy must be in the name of the prospective marriage or civil partners as they will be the named policyholders.

Please note a claim can only be made by the policy holders.

You will not be covered for financial losses resulting from payments made more than 30 days before the commencement date of the policy.

There is no cover for any claim caused directly or indirectly or contributed to by:

You or a close relative:

  1. acting against medical advice at any time during the period of insurance,
  2. suffering any medical condition on or before the commencement date of the policy for which you or they have received treatment or advice in the 12 months prior to that date, or for which you or they are awaiting results of tests or medical investigations,
  3. suffering a condition on or in the 12 months prior to the commencement date of the policy for which you or they are on a hospital waiting list for treatment,
  4. suffering a condition on or in the 12 months prior to the commencement date for which they are on a hospital waiting list for treatment,
  5. having a medical condition on the commencement date of the policy for which you or they have received a terminal prognosis,
  6. suffering at any time anxiety, stress or depression (unless admitted for those conditions as an in-patient at a hospital),
  7. committing or attempting to commit suicide or injuring yourself or themselves intentionally

Please check the full policy wording as there may be exclusions that could apply.

There is no cover for any claim resulting from pregnancy or childbirth. The only exception is for related serious medical complications where the expected date of delivery is more than two months after the ceremony date, in which case a claim for cancellation may be considered.

Yes – however, the reception date must be within 31 days from the ceremony date and less than 24 months from the date of policy sale.

Unfortunately, we do not cover you deciding not to get married (for any reason whether it be due to relationship breakdown, a change in financial circumstances or any other cause). There is a specific exclusion of disinclination to go through with the wedding. For full details on what is and is not covered, please see our Policy Wording.

This policy will also pay you on behalf of any other person who has made a proven financial contribution to the cost of the wedding and/or wedding reception for a financial loss suffered by them that is otherwise insured by this policy under Sections 1, 2, 4, 5 (flowers and the wedding cake only), 6, 7 and 10 (where this option has been purchased).

If you need to make a change to your policy, for example to change the venue, the date or tier of cover, please contact us to discuss your options. In most cases a request will result in a simple change to your existing policy. In more complex circumstances we may have to issue a new or additional policy which could incur additional charges.

A reception is defined as a social gathering on the date and at the venue stated in the Schedule (reception date) which takes place no more than 31 days before or after the ceremony date. The wedding reception is deemed to be completed at 3am the morning after the date it commenced or when it actually ends, whichever occurs first. This policy insures one wedding reception. If you are having more than one, you must choose which one you want to insure in this policy by specifying the wedding reception date and venue during the application process.

Yes, we offer marquee cover as an optional add-on. Cover applies during the period of hire for a maximum of 10 days, and will incur an additional premium.

No, you would need to take out travel insurance to cover the types of risks you face on a trip.

On claims under some sections of cover, yes. This is set out in the policy. Excess waiver is offered as optional cover, for an additional premium. Please see our policy wording for more information.

You can purchase Guests’ Personal Liability cover, as an optional add-on, which covers their legal liability for such events, for an additional premium. There is a £250 excess. Please see the policy wording for full details of the cover and any exclusions.

Yes, cover applies if the car does not turn up or breaks down for the additional costs to get you to the wedding.

Overseas Ceremonies & Receptions

The main residence of one of the prospective marriage or civil partners must be in the UK and they must not have been abroad for more than 6 months in the last year. However, if both prospective marriage or civil partners live abroad at the time of purchasing this policy or do so in the time between then and the ceremony date, they are eligible if one of them is a UK citizen and the wedding and the wedding reception will take place in the UK.

Our policies only cover ceremonies and receptions held in the UK.


The policy can only be cancelled within 14 days of the commencement date and providing no claim has been made your premium will then be refunded in full and your policy cancelled. For full details regarding cancellation of your policy, please see our policy wording.

Please contact:

This policy offers the following cover in cases and instances where the venue wants to cancel the wedding or wedding reception. This may include:

  • Venue or caterers ceasing to trade due to financial failure, of an inability to hold the wedding due to a natural catastrophe or adverse weather conditions.
  • The booked venue unable to guarantee your wedding or wedding reception due to administration.
  • Enforced closure of the wedding or wedding reception venue or the caterers premises on the grounds of food/fire safety, or loss of alcohol license.
  • Damage due to fire, explosion, act of terrorism, lightening or natural catastrophe.

As always, in the first instance you should contact your venue. Please see our policy for full details of what is and is not covered, should the venue cancel the wedding.

The policy does not cover cancellation due to you being pregnant – this would exclude any claim resulting from pregnancy or childbirth, except for related serious medical complications where the expected date of delivery is more than two months after the ceremony date.

There is the provision of cover if one of the prospective marriage or civil partners or a close relative is unforeseeably posted overseas or being called on unavoidable and necessary duty where that person is a serving member of the UK armed forces, ambulance service, coastguard, fire brigade or police force.

Supplier Financial Failure

The policy covers the financial failure of wedding services suppliers ( see policy wording for definition) – cover starts 90 days after the commencement date of the policy and ends on the ceremony date or reception date whichever occurs last except in the case of the bankruptcy, liquidation, insolvency, or cessation of trading due to the financial failure of a photographer or videographer where cover ends three months after this date. Wedding Insurance only covers wedding planner fees, not money held by your wedding planner on behalf of other suppliers.

No - this would constitute a situation of which you are already aware, or a circumstance already in the public domain, that will inevitably lead to a loss and is, therefore, not insured under the terms of the policy.

Your Cover

With wedding cover from Insure My Day, should the unfortunate occur, we will do everything we can to help our customers redress any loss, subject to your chosen policy.

Your Optional Extras

We don't just offer standard wedding insurance cover, our policies can be extended to cover extra items such as Guest Personal Liability (at a range of levels), Marquees and Excess Waiver, all available for an additional premium.

Your Policy

We've developed a dedicated wedding insurance and claims platform designed to take the stress and hassle out of finding insurance, while making the claims process as easy as possible.
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