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Premium wedding insurance cover from Insure My Day!

  • Cancellation cover up to £80,000, with no excess
  • Simple, online claims process
  • Optional extras including Excess Waiver, Marquee Cover and Public Liability

Cover for your perfect day with Insure My Day's comprehensive wedding insurance. We're here to make wedding insurance quick and simple.

About our Wedding Insurance

It is easy to forget just how expensive a wedding can be, especially given how far in advance you begin to plan one - dress, rings, venue and flowers all add up. At Insure My Day, our aim has been to design the right wedding insurance policy and make the product as simple and easy as possible for our customers.

What does our wedding insurance cover?

Cancellation &
Cover for your wedding or wedding reception in the event it needs to be canceled or curtailed.
Supplier Financial
Cover in the event of a wedding service supplier being unable to provide the service with which it was contracted to provide.
Ceremonial attire lost or damaged? insurance to ensure wedding ceremony attire is protected.
Photography &
Protect the momentos of your wedding day in the event of camera or film loss due to malfunction.
Wedding Rings, Flowers,
Attendants' Gifts & Cake
Insurance protection for those critical details that make a wedding day, plus the all-important wedding rings.
Wedding Cars
& Transport
Cover in the event that transport mishaps or breakdowns prevent your big day.
Cover for wedding gifts including cash and gift vouchers for the purpose of celebrating the wedding.
Just in case someone in your party causes damage to a third-party by accident or misadventure.
Optional Extras
Guest Personal Liability
As required by some wedding venues, Guest Personal Liability Insurance is available in a range of cover levels depending on the number of guests attending.
Marquee Extension
Insurance protection for Marquees and temporary wedding venue structures is available as an additional cover option.
Excess Waiver
Cover for the Excess amount payable in the event of a claim is available as an optional cover benefit.

Compare our comprehensive wedding insurance cover!

Comprehensive Benefit Options
  • Cancellation cover up to £80,000, with no excess
  • Financial Failure of Wedding Supplier(s) cover up to £25,000
  • Ceremonial Attire cover up to £15,000
  • Photography and Video cover up to £15,000
  • Wedding Rings, Flowers, Gifts and Wedding Cake cover up to £15,000
  • Wedding Cars and Transport cover up to £5,000
  • Personal Liability cover up to £2,000,000
  • Optional Extras including Excess Waiver, Marquee Cover and Guest Personal Liability
Significant Cover Exclusions
  • Covid-19 or any subsequent mutation
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, as set out within the policy
  • Suicide or intentional self-injury
  • Suffering at any time anxiety, stress or depression (unless admitted for those conditions as an in-patient at a hospital)
  • Financial losses resulting from payments made more than 30 days before the commencement date of this policy
  • Any loss occurring as the result of a wedding service supplier ceasing to trade due to financial failure or going in to administration within 90 days of the purchase of the policy
For full details on what is covered within your policy, please see our Policy Wording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding insurance is designed to offer you financial protection in the event things could go wrong either before or during your special day. Our Wedding Insurance covers:

  • Cancellation and Curtailment
  • Wedding Rings, Flowers and Cake
  • Financial Failure of Suppliers
  • Personal Liability
  • Ceremonial and Wedding Attire
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Wedding Cars and Transport
  • Photography and Video
  • Optional extras include: Guest Personal Liability, Marquee Cover and Excess Waiver all of which can be added for an additional premium

The premium depends on the level of cover opted for, as well as the total cost of the wedding. Our Wedding Insurance offers 8 levels of cover and our plans aim to cater for weddings of different sizes and cancellation cover up to £80,000.

You should buy this insurance as soon as you have a date and venue arranged and have committed to paying, or have paid, for wedding services. This will ensure that your deposits are covered immediately.

Yes, if you are unavoidably forced to cancel the wedding due to adverse weather which results in at least half of the guests being unable to get to the wedding. This is fully defined within our policy wording.

Yes, this policy covers all types of weddings, celebrations, renewals of vows, non-legally binding/commitment ceremonies, civil partnerships and blessings.

Your Cover

With wedding cover from Insure My Day, should the unfortunate occur, we will do everything we can to help our customers redress any loss, subject to your chosen policy.

Your Optional Extras

We don't just offer standard wedding insurance cover, our policies can be extended to cover extra items such as Guest Personal Liability (at a range of levels), Marquees and Excess Waiver, all available for an additional premium.

Your Policy

We've developed a dedicated wedding insurance and claims platform designed to take the stress and hassle out of finding insurance, while making the claims process as easy as possible.
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